With the advancement of technology, you do not necessarily need to visit a bank branch to open a bank account. Rather, you can even do it online.

FNB just like almost any other bank has the provision for prospective customers to open an account wherever they may be without needing to visit a physical bank. The following are the types of accounts available at FNB from which customers can choose:

Copper Account:

A copper account is ideal for start-up persons and students. The account has custom to income flows, free swiping at Point of Sale, and it gives access to Internet banking.

Account details

Account fee: K45 monthly

Required minimum balance: K27

Minimum Operating balance: K50

Deposit fee: free

ATM withdraw charge: K8

Smart Account

A smart account is great for adding value to your money. This account gives customers unlimited access to personal loans that the bank offers, it also comes with a free gold chip and Visa debit card.

Account details

Monthly Account fee: K45 and K70 for pay as you use and bundled respectively.

Minimum required balance: K60

Deposit fee: free

Withdraw charge: K8

Future Account

This account comes with a free gold chip and a Visa debit card. Specially designed for future

savings and teenagers who want to save their money for future use when they come of age.

This account gives additional monthly interest and provides visas, insurance, and vehicles, including mortgage asset financing. Allows you to get cash rewards in your account for daily transactions through online purchases.

Account details

Monthly account fee: free

Required minimum balance: K10,000

Deposit fee: free

Withdraw charge: K8

How to open an account online?

Visit FNB website which is www.fnbzambia.co.zm

Go to the first option on top of the screen which is “switch to FNB” and click on “do it now”

A new window will open, requiring you to input your personal information such as names, TPIN, residence, and the like, and once you are done with filling in, submit the information.

You will also be required to state your monthly income for it is critical in determining which account is suitable for you, from the options available.

FNB will process the information, and an account will be opened for you just like that.

You can only visit the physical bank when applying for a Visa ATM card.

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