A minimum wage is the lowest wage a worker may receive for their work. It is mandated and stipulated in the law hence why we share with you what is the Minimum Wage for a General Worker in Zambia. The purpose of the minimum wage is to protect workers from being exploited by their employers. This prevents employers from paying them unfairly low wages.

The minimum wage helps ensure a fair and equitable share of advances for all and minimum benefits for all employed and in need of such protection. Minimum wages can also be an element of policy to reduce poverty and inequality, including between men and women, by making sure there is equal pay for the same work irrespective of the sex of the individual doing it.

The minimum wage system need not be viewed or used in isolation. However, it should be designed to complement and strengthen other social and employment policies. A variety of policies can be used to address income and labor market inequality. These include employment policies, social transfers, and creating an enabling environment for sustainable business.

Laws regarding minimum wage were first introduced in Australia and New Zealand to increase the income of unskilled workers. Today, most modern developed economies, as well as many underdeveloped economies, have national minimum wages. And one of the nations which have a minimum is the Republic of Zambia.

How much do general workers earn in Zambia?

Minimum Wage for a General Worker in Zambia [Answer] The general workers’ minimum wage in Zambia as of the year 2022 is K1698.60 which is inclusive of transport. This was revised in 2018 and has not been revised further since but it is something that needs revision as the cost of living is skyrocketing every now and then.

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A general worker is an individual employed to perform duties such as cleaning, loading, and unloading vehicles, landscaping, making beverages, and delivering letters from one place to another. Therefore, workers that fall under this category include maids (domestic general workers). Their major responsibilities are to take care of the house and surroundings. Office orderlies perform similar tasks as maids but in an office setup. Gardeners take care of the gardens, landscapers, and so on.

General workers are required to have certain skills that are considered important regardless of the environment in which they work. You must be able to understand and follow safety procedures, especially when handling toxic chemicals such as cleaning fluids. They can also be expected to offer great customer service. They can stay in touch with customers several times a day.

Because they have to deal with things that may be hazardous to them, one of the qualifications that general workers need to possess is reading abilities, especially in the official language, which is English in the case of Zambia. They are required to speak English to people not familiar with the local vernacular.

Another qualification required for general workers in Zambia is a Grade 12 certificate or its equivalent. A general certificate of education is 5 credits in at least 5 subjects including the English Language.