First National Bank (FNB) is the largest commercial bank in Botswana. The Bank engages in sales and service channels called FNB Kiosk. This is made possible through a Pick n Pay franchise through FNB Routing Number For Pay Pal Botswana. Certain Pick n pay stores are being converted from Score supermarkets and that is where these kiosks are found.

If you need to get paid with PayPal and probably withdraw your money through to FNB in Botswana, then you will need an FNB routing number for PayPal. This will let you easily accept payments from anywhere in the world and only with an email address. You can use this for a job you did, goods sold online, or goods and services provided and paid online with a card.

In May of 2016 FNB entered into a partnership with PayPal. This enables Botswana businesses to receive and withdraw PayPal funds locally in their country. PayPal Withdraw Service was previously available only in South Africa. This partnership necessitated the formulation of a special FNB Routing Number for PayPal.

The number is 052201938.

Customers in Botswana need a qualifying FNB account to which they can withdraw money directly, from their PayPal.

In Botswana, FNB has a network of about 130 automated teller machines and 4,000 Point Of Sale (POS) machines. Some of the services offered by the Bank are; customized payment, value add, collection and receipting, cash management, funding, investment, insurance and assurance, forex and trade finance, dedicated relationship manager, operating accounts, and debit and credit cards.

FNB Routing Number For Pay Pal Botswana is for US banks. You can contact your bank to collect the bank routing number or try and ask them what their SWIFT code is to send an international money transfers to confirm there won’t be a mistake and know you have the right code.

The FNB Community has noted and shared with the public Bank’s routing number which is¬†called 081205112 for people sending and receiving international money. In case the need arises, the physical Address and plot are 25117 located along Tlokweng Rd, Gaborone, Botswana.

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