How many insurance companies are in Zambia? in this article you will learn about the total number of Insurance Companies in Zambia. Insurance can be described as a financial safe haven that helps you and your loved ones recover from an unfortunate occurrence such as a terrible accident, fire to your property, theft or robbery, or lawsuits. When you buy insurance, you receive an insurance policy, which is a legal contract between you and your insurance company.

And if you suffer damages covered by your policy and file a claim, the insurance company will pay you or a designated recipient, known as the beneficiary, under the terms of your policy for which you would have opted.

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The most challenging aspect of insurance on the part of a client is spending money on something they pray should never ever happen. There is no one who would ever wish anything bad to happen but the truth is, oftentimes, a loss without insurance can be detrimental and put you in a pressing financial situation.

Insurance is an important financial instrument that helps people live life with less stress and minimal worries. If a disaster were to befall them, they have somewhere they can run to and financial assistance will definitely be rendered. Life insurance could pay for a child’s college education.

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For car insurance, this entails having extra cash to pay for repairs or replacing components that would that been damaged after an accident, or even getting a new vehicle in some cases. Zambia has a very good market and number of Insurance Companies in Zambia for insurance cover, vehicle and health insurance policies.

How many insurance companies are in Zambia?

There are over 30 insurance companies in the country. These listed below is the total number of Insurance Companies in Zambia.

General Insurance Companies In Zambia

  1. A Plus General Insurance Limited
  2. Adelvis General Insurance Limited
  3. Advantage Insurance Limited
  4. Africa Pride Insurance Company
  5. General Alliance Insurance Limited
  6. Golden Lotus Insurance Limited
  7. Goldman Insurance Limited
  8. Hollard Insurance Zambia Limited
  9. Innovative General Insurance company
  10. Madison General Insurance Company Zambia Limited
  11. Mayfair Insurance Company Zambia Limited
  12. Meanwood General Insurance Company
  13. NICO Insurance Zambia Limited
  14. Phoenix of Assurance Company Limited.
  15. Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia
  16. Savenda General Insurance Limited
  17. SWAN Insurance
  18. Veritas General Insurance
  19. ZSIC General Insurance Limited

Life Insurers

  1. Absa Life Zambia Limited
  2. Hollard Life Assurance Zambia Limited
  3. Liberty Life Zambia Insurance
  4. Madison Limited Life Insurance
  5. Prudential Life Assurance Limited
  6. Metropolitan Life Zambia Limited
  7. Sanlam Life Insurance Zambia Limited
  8. ZSIC Life Limited
  9. Specialist Emergency Services Limited


  1. Kenya Reinsurance Zambia Limited
  2. Prima Reinsurance
  3. Emeritus Reinsurance Zambia Limited
  4. Zep reinsurance

There are some insurance schemes that are not included in the above list. Telecommunication companies has policies like AYO insurance which MTN offers to its subscribers. MTN customers who subscribe to the insurance save through airtime which MTN deducts upon recharge and when they (customers) have found themselves in a predicament, they can claim their monies.