Who is the youngest richest man in Zambia? Zambia is endowed with many young people that are rich yet still strive every day to get richer. The likes of Chanda Brian and Dumisani N’cube belong in the bracket of richest young men in Zambia. The richest youth in Zambia 2022 is Kabaso Mulenga who is popularly known as Spax chief executive officer of Spax mining with over 200 employees and is a friend to the richest Rapper in Zambia.

He lives in Chingola on the Copperbelt and runs a mining company, Spax Mining. Through this, he amassed enormous wealth that enabled him to ascend to the top of the pile of the richest young men in Zambia.

Interestingly, Spax has been able to amass wealth without having a decent education, in fact, he does not even have a Grade 12 certificate to his name yet through his hard work, he has elevated himself to live a life that even Ph.D. holders can only dream of and fantasize. In spite of not having been educated, he has managed to see off competition against other companies doing mining whose owners are well educated.

Before he owned his own company, he first learned what was involved in mining when he was working with people that were already in the business which enabled him to have connections that would prove beneficial to him later on. He used the knowledge obtained from people he was working with to start his own company.

Spax Mulenga net worth 2022

Money and fame come with scandals and Spax is not an exception when it comes to scandals as he was arrested in February 2020, on allegation of attempted murder and rape along with five other co-accused and was detained in Lusaka from the time of their arrest until August when he was finally released after he allegedly helps an investigations officer to arrest the actual individual, who is among top 10 richest men in Zambia for the purported allegations for which he was arrested despite been top 10 youngest richest in Zambia.

Net worth

Who is the richest youth in Zambia 2022? Kabaso Mulenga popularly known as Spax Mulenga is the youngest and richest youth in Zambia. The current net worth of Spax is estimated to be K900 million as of the year 2017 according to finance sources and magazines in Africa for millionaires. He is the richest teenager in Zambia who owns luxurious vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Fortuner, Hummer, Chrysler, and Maserati and makes other brands and makes. Apart from owning luxurious cars, he also owns a number of infrastructures.

Despite having so much money, those close to him say that he is a very humble human being who is the richest teenager in Zambia. Further, he understands that having wealth does not give anyone the right to be arrogant. His friends, family, and acquaintances alike also say that he is charitable too. He helps those in need with basic needs such as food. Spax is also friends with the richest female musician in Zambia as result, those who aspire to be rich should emulate him – be humble and helpful with money-making him the richest youth in Zambia in 2022.

However, he is strict with money and does not spend for the sake of spending just because he has it. He takes great care when it comes to spending.

Many people can a lot from Spax’s life and also his personality. Not having an education does not mean that you are headed for an unpleasant life. Rather, you can use your hands and mind to climb up the ladder of life. Spax is proof of that.