Regions Bank Routing Number for Wires With its Headquarters in Alabama, Regions Bank is a chartered bank in the United States of America. Also, it is quite a significant financial institution where personal banking, commercial banking, and other banking services for businesses are on the cards. Regions Bank was founded in 1971 and to date the bank operates branches in more than 1,700 locations across the country hence why we share with you Region Bank Routing Number for Wires.

Like many other prominent financial institutions, Regions bank offers money transfer services and among them wire transfers. In order for these transfers to take place, you will need routing numbers. Before we look at Regions Bank Routing Number for wires, you may be interested in some definitions for regions routing number.

Regions Bank Routing Number for Wires And Money Transfer (Regions bank routing number)

Wire Transfer

This is an electronic way of transferring money from one bank to another- this is not limited to banks only but also building societies and other financial institutions.

Routing Numbers

Basically, the recipient of funds (holder of a checking account) should provide the sender of the wire transfer a routing number. Regions Bank Routing Number for Wires comes in two forms, one for domestic wires and another for international ones. Accordingly, this number has to be accompanied by the recipient’s checking account number to which the money is being transferred. Financial transactions are delicate. Therefore, the appropriate routing number and your checking account numbers should be sent ensuring no mistakes have been made.

Information provided to the public according to for available Regions routing numbers for all the local and domestic wire transfers is 062005690. If you intend to send money or make an international wire transfer the routing number to use is UPNBUS44.

Another key point is that with domestic wire transfers, routing numbers vary by state. This could mean Regions Bank Routing Number for Wires done domestically is not universal. The recipient should provide a particular routing number depending on which state they are receiving the funds from.

Here is a list of Regions Bank routing numbers for each state where the institution operates.

082000109 – Arkansas

053012029 – North Carolina

053201814 – South Carolina

061101375 – Georgia

071122661 – Illinois

074014213 – Indiana

073900438 – Iowa

062000019 – Alabama

111900785 – Texas

083901744 – Kentucky

065403626 – Louisiana

065305436 – Mississippi

081001387 – Missouri

063104668 – Florida

064000017 – Tennessee

051009296 – Virginia

Regions Bank Routing Number for Wires can be located on a cheque so one does not necessarily need to memorize long numbers, let alone for different states. Recipients may just take a picture of the routing numbers for the sender. This will also curb funds lost by making small errors.

Further, if you’re interacting with an article of this sort, the aspect of wire transfers may be foreign to you. Let us have a look at the actual process of sending money through a wire transfer also known as ‘wiring money.’

This method of transferring funds is quick and overrides most of the conventional methods like RTGS among others. Technological advancement saw the development of such an initiative and customers need to keep up with how to use it.

As mentioned earlier in this article, Regions Bank customers have access to services of both Domestic Wire Transfers and International wire transfers. This means they can receive and send money locally as well as internationally.

International Wires

For international wire transfers, a special code known as the SWIFT Code is necessary, apart from the routing numbers.

For the transfer process to begin, the sender’s bank or financial institution has to receive the recipient’s account details.

Fortunately, you can make Regions Bank wire transfers online without having to visit any branch. However, some customers may need assistance, hence it is necessary for them to visit their local branches for assistance.

Local Wires

These domestic wire transfers are quite efficient, making sure your transactions are complete within a period of as little as 24 hours.

Just as it is with international wires, the recipient of a domestic wire transfer should also provide their bank account details to the sending financial institution.

Therefore, Region Bank provides the banking information to make domestic wires: Regions Bank, and the routing number is 062005690.

Moreover, the physical address of Region Bank is located in Birmingham, Alabama state. In order to make a successful transfer, ensure that the Beneficiary’s Name and the full name actually appear as it is on your statement. Also, you will need the Beneficiary’s personal account number and the complete Bank account number.

Below, Region Bank provides all the valuable banking information to make international wires.

“Swift Code – UPNBUS44

Bank Name – Regions Bank

Routing Number – 062005690

Address of Bank – Birmingham, AL

Beneficiary’s Name – Your name as it appears on your statement

Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your full Regions Bank account number”

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