With Technology taking over the economic space worldwide, computer technicians have become the strongholds of various industries. This places so much value on Information and Communication Technology qualifications. So, the numbers of students who want to pursue a career keep increasing. The cost of studying computer science in the UK is one of the most asked questions. This is especially true for students with a particular interest in this discussion of Computer Science.

If I was an ICT enthusiast, I would definitely want to know how much it costs to study Computer Science. Particularly, in the best student destination in the world, the United Kingdom. First, let’s look at the degree program itself, and what it can offer.

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UK universities lead the Computer Science faculty worldwide. Many of their departments conduct research for the world’s top firms. Computer science degree programs, offered by UK universities, will equip you with fundamental skills to put adequate dimensions to businesses and organizations.

Computer Science in UK fees

UK universities use new tools, programs, and development kits. These are designed such that they are instrumental in knowledge and ability development with regards to phenomena like; IT, games development, software engineering, design and security. 

Top computer science universities in the UK include; the University of St Andrews, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Aberdeen, Imperial College London, University College, University of Stirling, University of Manchester, Durham University, University of Glasgow among others.

Cost of studying computer science in the UK prices and fees

Having interacted with these universities’ tuition fees, the average annual tuition fees you need in pursuit of your Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Science in the UK, tuition fees range between £15,000 to £36,000. Expenses will vary, of course, dependng on the institution you choose and the coourses too.

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Other cost determinants include the location of your University of choice. London as a city is the most expensive city in the world. The cost of studying will be much different in other cities. Despite being expensive, London was named the best student city in the world.

What does a Computer Science degree program involve?

While studying Computer Science, you will interact with modules that cover aspects like database design, network systems, computer hardware, and the internet. Groundbreaking technology such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and app design is also part of the skills you can acquire.

It is a great opportunity to be admitted into one of the UK’s top Universities in the faculty of computer science. The country is instrumental in the development of ICT.

As I mentioned earlier, departments in the top UK universities conduct research for the world’s top companies. Already this sets you apart as a student if you happen to be part of one such research. As an African student, this would be an opportunity of a lifetime, not only for yourself but for the country and even the entire continent. It is important that young professionals from Africa, who get such enormous opportunities, bring back that mustard seed and plant it back at home.

Entry requirements

For you to be admitted into a UK university for computer science you need to have a typical International Baccalaureate of 34 points. Good grades in maths and computing at A-level will also earn you a place as well as, a typical IELTS 6.5 overall, with no lower than 6.0 in any one component. These are general requirements as an umbrella but specific requirements vary from one institution to another and the cost of studying computer science in the UK.

Opportunities and Remuneration for graduates

Computer Science graduates are exposed to prestigious employment opportunities “as system analysts, independent consultants, software developers, programmers, data analysts, and managers.” Your first job usually comes with training schemes, entry-level programmer positions, and junior members of project teams.

Computer Science graduates have the liberty to choose which sector they want to work in, given the high demand for talent across all sectors. The average starting salary for a Computer Science professional is £25,000 while the non-professional average entry salary sits at £16,500.

As we learned in previous discussions, the acquisition of education is mainly for you to get a good job. This is important for remuneration to take care of your needs and growth. The phenomenon has gained so much ground the world over, as the base of confidence in a secure tomorrow.

A lot of students leave their countries of origin to get an education in the United Kingdom. These students no longer have to wait until they finish whatever program they are studying. There are job opportunities for students as well.

This is reason enough for you, as a Computer Science prospective student to make decisions around choosing the best institution. Also, to make efforts towards new innovation that find you in one of the world’s top companies, if not starting your own.