This article will discuss how one can use a debit card for online payments. Therefore, let’s learn about what are the debit card details required for online purchases. Let’s then look at the advantages and disadvantages of a debit card. Then we will outline how to use a debit card, importantly how to use a debit card for online payment first time.

How to use a debit card for online payment first time

What is a debit card?

This is a payment card that pays directly from an individual’s account. Further, it does not take a loan from a bank to make payments. Specifically, main payment processors like Visa or Mastercard will issue debit cards. Your local bank will also issue you one.

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Economical users, in most cases, prefer to use a debit card more often than not. It has no associated fees unless the consumer spends more than they have in their account. This will also trigger an overdraft fee.

Advantages of Debit Cards

Avoid Debt

Debit cards allow consumers to withdraw money they already have which eventually cutouts the risk of accumulating debt. It is easier to spend more when using a card than when paying with banknotes. However, a debit card restricts impulsive spenders as they can only spend what is in the account. As a result, they stick to the budget, ultimately keeping away from debt.

Fraud prevention

Some debit cards, such as those issued by giant payment processors such as Visa and Mastercard, offer more protection from fraud. The key also lies in letting authorities know of fraud immediately. However, if you wait too long to notify the bank of fraud, it may make you liable for some or all of your losses.

Disadvantages of Debit Cards

Won’t Allow You to Build Credit

A good credit history shows the creditors that you can repay the loan that you get from there without difficulties. A debit card linked to a bank account does not give allow you to build a good credit record. Thus, creditors might have doubts about lending since there is no record to prove that you can pay it back.


In spite of the fact that Debit cards do not have annual fees, there are other fees that a consumer incurs such as a monthly service fee, an account overdraft fee, a returned merchandise fee, and an offshore ATM fee when using a debit card at an ATM of another bank.

People use debit cards to make payments and utilize them at pretty much every event. One of the significant explanations behind this is their usability and convenience. Debit Cards are extremely user-friendly. Even people who have never used them before, find it easier to do so even when it is their very first time. You should simply remember a couple of fundamental things.

How to Use a Debit Card Online

Assuming that you are paying for something online and have to use a Debit Card, here is a guide that will unequivocally be of great assistance in ensuring that you complete your online payment using a Debit Card.

Once it is time for you to make a payment, you will have to select “pay using Debit Card” after which, specify the type of card you are using whether it is Visa or MasterCard.

After the specification of the type of card, then, enter the 16-digit debit card number on the front of your Debit Card, as well as the expiry date just beneath the entered 16-digit debit card number.

After entering your debit card details, you will also be asked for a Corporate Credit or Debit (CCD), Card Verification Value (CVV), or a similar security code. Accordingly, this is a three or four-digit code that authorizes you to use the card. You will also find this Bank code on the back of the card.

After going through the payment gateway, you will then enter a unique transaction code or One Time Password (OTP). Afterward, this is sent to the mobile number associated with your debit card. After entering the number, your transaction is confirmed and subsequently, you will receive a notification.

How to use a debit card for online payment first time

[Answer] Finally, to ensure a successful online purchase, you need to know the correct billing address linked to the Debit Card. Now that you have information on how to use a debit card to make payments online, you can take advantage of it anywhere they are accepted online. You can also buy items online which are durable and affordable.


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