This article will explore some of the fastest-growing businesses on the African continent. After the content shared you will learn what is the best business idea in Africa and what is the fastest growing business in Africa.

The Fastest Growing Business In Africa

1.Real Estate

What is the fastest growing business in Africa? The demand for commercial and residential properties has increased over the years due to increasing urbanization, thereforethis is the fastest growing business in Africa. Research shows that Nigeria, for example, and Zambia has over 16 million homes in need of construction. Potential real estate investors and entrepreneurs have huge opportunities in this market.

Real estate can be divided into many different areas, such as sales and rentals of homes, offices spaces, lands, and other commercial properties. Proptech, which is a promising aspect in Real estate, has brought some technological advances to the industry.

How can you start a real-estate business? Research is the first step in any business. There are many opportunities that you can take advantage of with what is the fastest growing business in Africa. You can either buy your property, put it up for annual rent, or invest in a landed one.

How to start a real-estate business

These are some tips to help get you started in realty – Africa’s fastest-growing business.

You should research all aspects of real estate, as well as the laws and certifications. This will allow you to reduce the risk and prepare for any challenges.

A working business plan should outline your goals and objectives.

Register your company with the authorities in your country

You can create a website to promote your real estate company online and offline.

2. Retail

Retail is one of Africa’s fastest-growing industries, with expansion in multiple African countries. Due to the global pandemic, this business also saw a shift. The retail market has shifted from traditional retail to online shopping. Jumia is Africa’s largest retail company and its value is 1 billion dollars. Konga is closely following, with a net worth exceeding 100 million dollars.

These expansions make it clear that retail is full of business opportunities. Research shows that Nigeria, Tanzania and Namibia are the countries with the greatest retail opportunities.

Starting a retail business: Tips

Retail can be a very lucrative business. Here are some tips to help you get started. These are just a few of the many ways that you can get started.

Find your niche. What are you selling?

A business plan should outline your objectives, market, location, and target audience. Are you setting up an online or brick-and-mortar shop?

Register your company with the authorities in your country

Create your online or physical store

Locate your suppliers and vendors

Promote your business

3. Food business

The food industry offers many opportunities, from catering to fast food to food production. This space is always in demand as food will always be in high demand.

You could also venture into the production of large quantities of food and then selling it for profit. Another lucrative business opportunity is the fast-food industry. It thrives in cities. Catering services can be offered at events after exploring What is the fastest growing business in Africa.

Tips to start a food business

These are some ways you can start a food business.

Find your niche. What is your niche? Is it fast food, a restaurant or catering services? Do you prefer to specialize in international or local dishes?

Get a location

A business plan should outline your goals, value proposition and other key points.

Promote your business. Quality food is the key to being a successful food business owner.

4. ICT Business

Africa’s Top 6 Fastest-Growing Businesses 2021

One of Africa’s fastest-growing industries is the ICT industry. This popularity is due to the importance of the internet in the 21st Century. ICT offers many business opportunities in Africa and around the globe. Digital platforms are becoming more popular for businesses marketing their services.

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent rise in digital skills such as digital marketing, search engine optimization, web design, etc., has also increased the demand for these digital skills.

ICT business tips

Find your niche: Do you want to study programming, social media marketing, SEO or social media marketing?

Build your brand and create a website

Social media is a great place to promote yourself

Find new clients and build a portfolio

5. Logistics

Online shopping and delivery have made logistics one of Africa’s fastest-growing industries. Potential business owners have many options in this billion-dollar sector. Transporting raw materials, petroleum products or household items to customers is possible.

How to start a logistics company

Identify your operation mode. Do you prefer intrastate or interstate deliveries?

To identify the strengths and weaknesses of other successful logistic companies, research


A business plan should outline your goals and strategies.

Register your company

In order to acquire capital and equipment, Do you require a fleet of bikes or trucks?

Promote your business


Africa is home to approximately 500 fintech companies in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt. South Africa is the country with the highest Fintech penetration. It boasts 94% of the population having regular access to the internet, 67% have a bank account and more than 100 mobile phones per 100 residents.

Over the years, Fintech investments in Nigeria have increased. Most of these investments are from outside Nigeria. Despite some challenges, the Fintech sector continues to grow and offers a huge opportunity for potential investors as well as entrepreneurs.

Start a Fintech Business

Know the legal requirements for setting up a fintech company.

Identify your niche. Are you looking to create a trading and investment or lending app?

Find out your unique value proposition

Choose a tech stack for your fintech app development. These tech stacks can include Python and Javascript.

Data security is a critical consideration for protecting private information.


Improve and develop your fintech application

The above-discussed businesses are the most rapidly-growing industries in Africa. However, there are many other areas that are growing fast. Film and entertainment business, fashion and many other sectors are all growing rapidly. You can join the fast-growing African businesses today with technological advances and easy access to information. Here are some profitable business ideas that you can get started today.