For everyone based in Zambia, there’s a high increase for what business to invest into and earn a good living from selling products. Therefore in this article, we share a list of small-scale business ideas in Zambia. These business ventures can be implemented with less capital. But others would need at least a little bit more startup income and cash.

Profitable Business ideas In Zambia

You can get on today, by choosing one of the following profitable business ideas. Stop dreaming and implement your business idea by making it a reality today.

This article was last Updated: September 17, 2023 and shares list of small scale business ideas in Zambia and best business ideas in Zambia.
What business is more profitable in Zambia?

The ones we have shared below are the most recommended business considered profitable. There are a million ways to make money and actually very easy to become your own boss from these businesses. Some businesses on this list can be started with little income, which is very good if you have been asking people, “what business can I start with a k1000”. Quickly find answers below for what business is more profitable in Zambia.

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List of business ideas in Zambia

  1. Money Transfer Services
  2. Food Business
  3. Web Development
  4. Selling Mealie Meal
  5. DSTV Agent
  6. Stock Business
  7. Importing Goods
  8. Car Dealership
  9. Selling Electronic Goods
  10. Advertising Business
  11. Courier Services
  12. Farming Business
  13. Charcoal Distributor
  14. Bureau De Change

Here are 14 Best Profitable Businesses Ideas For Zambians And Latest Business Ideas In Zambia

1.Money Transfer Services

In every economy, money is the most important necessity. Today with the introduction of digital currency, people in Zambia have reduced the need to use a bank when sending money. This has been to cut on long queues and to reduce on time wasted. No one wants to stand in line for so long just to get money, but with the introduction of mobile money and other transfer services.

Its become easy for people with money transfer services, such as MTN mobile money, Airtel Money, Western Union, Kazang, and Zoona to make more than you can ever imagine as commission for providing such a service to the public. Learn more about the money transfer service business and how you can get started below!

  • MTN Mobile Money

MTN mobile money is one of the fastest mobile wallet services which allow account owners to send and receive money through their mobile devices. We have added MTN mobile money to this list of small-scale business ideas in Zambia because it’s one of the most paying money transfer service businesses.

  • Airtel Mobile Money

Airtel mobile money service is a mobile wallet service similar to MTN mobile money and provides the same services which include receiving and sending money to friends or family. Visit their main website for more information on how you can become an agent for Airtel and earn from your business.

  • Western Union

Western Union money transfer provides an opportunity for people to send money outside the globe, to family, and friends. It is one of the well-paying on this list of small-scale business ideas in Zambia. You get your commission in dollars for outside-going transactions and incoming transactions as an agent. To become a western union money agent, please visit the Western Union agent portal and apply.

2. Food Business

Selling food is one of the leading business ideas in Zambia. Nothing can be compared to this today if you want to make money. People need to eat every day, therefore selling food, restaurant business or butchery is the best business idea you can ever do. Based on the correct exchange in Zambia, food despite becoming more and more expensive, people selling are actually benefiting more.

3. Freelance Web Developer

Web development with an increase in demand for online presence from people and businesses. Freelance web development has significantly impacted more people positively earning more than you can imagine from this job today. There are over a million jobs for web development on job portals. And as an advantage, you can earn even more from making mobile Apps and some add-on services such as SEO.

Web development is different from web designing in so many ways. One of them includes that you will be required to start learning how to code and produce markups from scratch. Luckily today there’s a digital agency committed to teaching people how to become developers in Zambia. Enroll now at an affordable fee. After you learn within a few months they will even help you with ways to get your first top dollar job.

Web development is among the best paying business ideas because according to an online survey for good-paying jobs it was recorded that established freelance web developers in Zambia makeover K90,000 – K180,000 per year. This is an annual amount from both local, freelancing and international jobs. Web development charges in Zambia, range from K15,000 for an eCommerce website, K8,000 for medium sites, and 4,000 for smaller personal websites.

4.  Selling Mealie Meal

Today’s demand for increased need of mealie meal has turned to be one of the best and well-paying business. Nshima has been the country’s staple food, 80% of citizens depend on this for food, during lunch and supper. Not only is Nshima nutritious but also affordable and just appetizing.

Prices for mealie meals have been hiking each year, hence opening doors for more people to join the business of selling this product. Another option available is that you can become an agent for some big milling company and earn income through commissions per month. YOU can also try to become a mealie meal distributor for your town if you have a little bit more capital.

5. DSTV Agent

DSTV is a subsidiary of a multi-choice company, which offers digital televising shows to customers for paid TV services. Its been around for over 30 years and has over 2 million customers actively subscribed to the services in Zambia. People engaged in this business shared that how much they make depends on customers paying. Commissions for each customer go up to 20% of the amount paid. The more customers you get actively coming to your outlet, the more chances of earning more money. Therefore it’s important and advised to find a good location and add a variation of products.

6. Stock Business

The stock also known as equity is a security that represents the ownership of an individual within a particular company. It’s among the best well-paying business ideas in Zambia because shares get sold at par value which is the total cost of shares in stock, converted to money. You earn money through buying and selling shares. Meaning you make 500,000 for selling 10 shares of your stock if you have 100 shares valued at 500 kwacha par value. You can visit the Lusaka stock exchange website on how to find agents and ways you can buy your first shares.

7. Importing Goods

Another important business venture on our top 15 business ideas in Zambia Profitable, deals with the importation of foreign goods in the country. Due to the currency advantages the kwacha has, it is an exceptional business buying goods out of the country and selling locally. There’s so much one can buy outside Zambia and sell locally, from electronic goods, clothing, cars, food, etc.

8. Car Dealership

Dealing in this business of selling vehicles has proven to be profitable from time to time. People need vehicles because it is an important necessity for everyone who needs a mode of transportation. Car dealers earn more than 50% from the money invested per vehicle. Running a distributional vehicle selling center for secondhand cars at the retail level is a very profitable business.

9. Selling Electronic Goods

Electronic goods refer to anything that requires power to operate and function. Its been proven to be a safe business, selling and distributing electronic components. You can sell, money things in Zambia today, from car batteries, televisions, decoders, radios, music equipment, etc.

10. Advertising Business

The advertising business involves selling space for companies and businesses to rent in order to advertise their products. Advertising ranges from billboards, website advertising, radio, and television. If you own a radio station then it’s an opportunity to ale advertising space to companies. Don’t forget making a website and selling advertising space is a good profitable business. Among major business ideas in the UK are similar to Zambia, the advertising business is the less saturated but profitable venture to earn money and an entrepreneur.

11. Courier Services

Start a courier services and parcel delivery company. It has been increasing its demand locally. Most people have given up on working with local postal services to send parcels. Hence opening this type of business, that involves sending parcels on behalf of clients can be very profitable. You can choose from many categories, which include food delivery, clothing, electronics, etc. If you have some capital it can be diversified to also deliver goods locally from outside the country.

12. Farming Business

Purchasing land for agriculture is another great business idea in Zambia. Even though you would need land, once that gets settled out. It becomes easy to grow crops in Zambia. The country’s climate system and weather patterns throughout the year make it very convenient for farming. There’s a broad market of people, companies, and supermarkets locally ready to buy farm products in bulk.

Most local farmers, sell farm products to the government at an accelerated rate. It’s profitable especially when there is a shortage of maize on the market. Foreign nationally owned businesses, promote local farmers, farming fruits and vegetables. You can sell products to companies such as ShopRite and Choppies.

13. Charcoal Distributor

Over 2 million houses in Zambia today still rely on using charcoal for cooking. Despite most homes having electricity, load shedding has impacted more people severely in recent years. Hence this business has become a source of income for charcoal burners. Anyone who’s willing can embark on distributing charcoal, either as a producer or retailer supply to homes.

14. Bureau De Change

A bureau de change, otherwise also known as the currency exchange is one of the most profitable business ideas in Zambia you can start. This is a type of business people come to exchange one type of currency for another. It’s good because some people avoid banks due to long queues and procedures. You get to set your own exchange rate change that’s what makes it profitable.

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