Nigerian citizens need a China tourist visa. The visa is valid for a 30-day stay. It expires after 90 days. The applicant is not required to present themselves when applying for a China tourist visa in this article. For China tourist visa application, 12 documents are required. Other travelers can also offer helpful tips in this Chinese visa requirements for nigerian citizens (guide).

12 documents are required to obtain a China tourist visa

Visa Application Form

Application form completed for China

Passport Photo

Photo must not be older than six months

Health Document

All international travelers who are coming to China must submit a negative COVID-19 PCR testing result. Within 72 hours of departure, the negative PCR test must have been issued.

Vaccination Document

Travelers to China must be certified as COVID-19-vaccinated. You must take your last dose of vaccine at least 14 days prior to departure.


Original Nigerian Passport/Travel document with at least six months validity. At least two visa pages must be free from any markings.

Passport Copy

A clear scan of your Nigerian passport with all information pages. Please provide the pages of your passport with your photo, personal details, passport expiry date and issue dates. Valid for at least six months after the visa expiry date.

Previous Visa

If possible, previous visas

Passports from the past

If you have one, please provide it.

Bank Statement

The most recent monthly bank statement from Nigeria. The applicant’s name must be clearly

displayed as the account holder. It should also show the balances and the date. Statements printed online must be authenticated by bank officials.

Current Details

For the Employed

* A letter from your employer, on company letterhead, detailing the reason for your absence, duration, and when you will return to your job.

* The most recent 6-month bank statement

* Income Tax Return (ITR)

  • Original payslips


* Attach a copy of your business license

* The most recent 6-month company bank statement

* Income Tax Return (ITR)


* Submit a letter from your school confirming that you are in good standing and that you have been accepted into the next semester.

* No object certificate from school or university. Retired: Please submit proof of retirement fund. Yes.

Bookings for Accommodation

For the duration of your stay in China, make hotel reservations. The Embassy advises against purchasing tickets until your visa has been approved. Buy tickets, but don’t put your time, money and effort at risk. For visa purposes, you can book hotel reservations in minutes for any city around the globe.

Bookings for Travel

Chinese visa requirements for nigerian citizens (guide) also highlights the round-trip reservations for China. An Onward Ticket, a flight reservation made by real travel agencies that allow you to enter countries without buying a return ticket, is useful for visa applications. Verifiable, one-way, round-trip and multi-city bookings are available for visa purposes.

Invitation from a Chinese company, or another organization. Accepted invitation letters cannot be scanned, faxed or photocopied. The invitation letter expires 3 months after the date it was issued.

Methods of application & Time involved

To apply for a visa, applicants must appear at the visa office. An applicant who is unable to travel may ask a friend, relative or family member to submit the application for him/her. Visa applications sent by mail are not accepted at the Chinese Embassy or Consulates.

Visa applications do not require an appointment.

It takes approximately 4 business days for a process to complete.

With approval from consular officers, the applicant can request expedited processing. An additional fee of N4000 per visa will be charged for a 2- or 3-day processing.

Visa fee: single entry: 5000 Naira; double entries: 7500 Naira. Two days express processing: 4000 Naira. Only cash is accepted. Only cash with a face value of 100 Naira is accepted. On the day of collection, a Visa fee will be charged.

Unless the visa applicant requests approval on the application form, the visa’s validity is usually 3 months. The maximum stay time is 30 days. 

Instruction on Multiple-Entry F visas

If the applicant is eligible, he/she may apply for a multiple-entry F visa.

Presents the visa issuance notification letter/form from China governmental organization authorized Chinese Foreign Ministry (with the validity and number of entries as well as the duration of stay specified on letter/form).

Has investment in China and can present one photocopy and the original of the business license registered under his/her name (the original will need to be returned to the applicant).

The management staff of a Nigerian company has a branch in China. They present a letter from Nigeria and an invitation from China.

Has traveled to China twice or more in the last year with an F visa(s). Presents a photocopy and invitation from a Chinese company.

Must travel to China frequently for a contract.

Visa fee for Multiple Entry Visa: 10000 Naira valid for 6 months and 15000 Naira valid for 12 months.

According to Chinese laws and regulations, consular officers decide the validity, length of stay, and number of entries for the Chinese visa. Consular officers are authorized to reject any application that is not in accordance with Chinese laws or regulations. They also have the right to modify and/or revoke visas without giving any explanation as part of the Chinese visa requirements for nigerian citizens (guide).


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