Migration/relocation has always been a part of mankind since time immemorial. Here, I will not delve deep into the various reasons why people relocate from their places of residence and sometimes their origin. Hence majority wonder and ask how much does it cost to live in the UK for a month? This article answers exactly Cost of Living in UK Per Month. In Africa, rural to urban migration, leading to urban sprawl has been commonplace since the nations received their independence respectively.

Over the years, we have seen people migrating mostly to the United Kingdom (UK). You will agree with me that the UK hosts quite a number of immigrants. These include those on short-term visits, banking, and others in the search for greener pastures. The latter usually decide to make the UK their home.

 How much does it cost to live in UK for a month?

Whichever country, city, or even suburb you choose to settle in comes with its own set of living costs. These can be different from those you may be accustomed to. I, for years, have wondered how my friends and family who moved to the UK, are living. If you are like me, or better still if you are considering relocating to the United Kingdom on long or short-term basis, you may want to stay with me as we undress the monthly costs of living in the United Kingdom.

Most expats hosted by the UK choose to reside in the Capital, London. Perhaps this decision is necessitated by the prevalence of the high paying jobs in the city. To live within your means is one great financial attribute one needs for growth. If your budget is tight, you can still do well in one of the major regional cities or smaller towns. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world as far as the cost of living is concerned.

The UK is not only limited to England. Expats have a range of places to choose from within the United Kingdom itself, from Glasgow & Edinburgh in Scotland to Cardiff in Wales as well as Belfast in Northern Ireland. Before making rushed decisions that usually come forth as a result of excitement, it is important to do a background check on how much it will cost in your city of choice to live as an expat.

The cost of living in the UK in general. If space allows us we may also look into a few cities too.

Most people find it easy to calculate anything financial in US Dollars. The official currency for the United Kingdom is the GBP which has the symbol “£.” The exchange rate from GBP to USD as I write to you is at 1 GBP = 1.376 USD. This should help when calculating the cost of living in the UK according to this writer’s findings.

Let’s have a look at the basic living costs of two people living in a one-bedroomed flat in the heart of the city.  Cost of Living in UK Per Month, in London rentals will cost approximately £1,662 and three meals at midrange restaurants will reach about £60 while transport costs sit at about £158. A comparison between London and Manchester whose costs are £849, £60, and £71 and the Cost of Living in UK Per Month, in Edinburgh, with £828, £60, and £57; reveals how expensive London is as compared to the other cities within the when measuring  Cost of Living in UK Per Month.

It is wiser to then opt for places other than London. Especially if you are considering the country as a new home. People can always climb up the social ladder. In the same way, you make a move to leave home and go to the UK in the same way you can level up to London when your time comes. If your budget is already comfortable in London, then what should you wait for? After all the city has some of the highest paying jobs.

Conversions of money from respective home currencies to GBP are also an additional cost for expats. Banks and other financial institutions are guilty of telling people they change their money for no cost. Yet, they profit off the exchange rates they use during these transactions.

Despite living costs vexing different in the UK, the accommodation is just expensive. For better rentals, look in the North East. This is the cheapest region as far as rentals are concerned. The South East and East are home to a denser population and rentals are high. The same is true for London as well because of those high paying jobs.

Health care is free in the UK and this is one of the many advantages citizens in the country are privileged to have. The biggest question then becomes, “Are these freebies also applicable to expats?” Yes! Under the National Health System (NHS) all UK citizens including expats, are eligible to receive free health care. Healthcare certainly is one of the fundamental aspects of our daily well-being especially now that unknown diseases keep sprouting. What better way to secure it than live in a nation with the fourth-best healthcare system (according to a recent commonwealth survey)?

A free healthcare system in the UK does not imply residents can waltz in and out of health services. Like in any country, there are public and private health facilities. The latter provides quicker service but health insurance which you pay for on a monthly basis covers that.

Other additional costs even when using the public health system include prescription charges as well as dental care.

Given the findings in this article, we cannot settle for a generalized response to the question that forms our topic for discussion. Rather, it is clear that the cost of living in the UK depends on where you choose to stay. Do not shy away from high living costs if there are more benefits to it. Look at how London has the most high paying jobs. When you then zero in on the differences between prices of the basic needs compared to the differences in job incomes, it becomes wiser to choose London.