Swift BIC Code for access Bank plc Nigeria, actually refers to an important 8-digit call that is used to send money from other international banks to access banks in Nigeria. According to the money transfer website SWIFT code for diamond access Bank Nigeria, also called the swift number, is a standard bank identification number or code (BIC) which identifies all international banks and financial institutions locally.

This code also acts as the road that routes money from one bank to the other when customers initiate transfers between banks internationally or in case of an online purchase. The codes also act as means of communication between bank A and bank B to get more details on the transfer, ask for customer details, and money transfer services from the bank to other national banks. The only difference with other countries has been that the Nigerian Banking system for Swift code consists of between 8 to 11 long characters consisting of digits and letters.

To find your banking swift or routing number in Nigeria, simply just contact your bank branch or check on your monthly banking statement. Every bank statement should reflect the bank account statements which consist of a person’s bank details, such as numbers, account numbers, and also swift codes for receiving international bank transfers.

If your bank provides an online banking portal, then simply just log online, enter the banking digit code and password to access online banking then click on the bank statement to see the SWIFT code for Diamond access Bank plc Nigeria.

Diamond access bank has been one of the top-rated banks in Nigeria. If you’re intending to send money from another bank to access the bank of Nigeria, then you will need to have a swift code otherwise commonly called the BIC Code Diamond Bank Plc. This is a nine-digit code that is used to make and transfer money online in an affordable and most efficient manner from your bank of choice to Diamond access Bank plc.

BIC & SWIFT Code for Diamond access Bank Plc located in Nigeria ensures and provides coverage to customers that enhances financial transfers of all major national banks in the country. Take note that in Nigeria the SWIFT or BIC Code for the Diamond Bank Plc is actually unique, depending on the type and location or branch of the bank you’re sending money to or initiating the transfer towards.

ACCESS BANK SWIFT code for an international transfer

Even though you might only be interested in finding a swift code for access Bank, it’s important to also know the access bank Iban number in Nigeria which is GB74CITI18500811071238 for sending Euro currency and dollars from other international countries to Nigeria within days.

SWIFT code for ACCESS BANK Nigeria is this 8 characters code ABNGNGLAXXX valid for the year 2021 and beyond. Don’t forget to also include the Branch code important for routing which is ACCESS BANK PLC and the branch code which is 999C, location Dan mole Street, Victoria Island.