According to Accounting Tools, book balance is “the account balance in a company’s accounting records. The term is also most commonly applied to the balance in a firm’s checking account at the end of an accounting period. Therefore, most people ask can if I can withdraw from my book balance?

Otherwise called a gross balance, a book balance comprises how much finances are on deposit in an account preceding making any kind of acclimation to that balance. The term likewise alludes to the balance that is available in an account on the last day of the current financial period.

Can I Withdraw From My Book Balance?

No, you cannot withdraw money from your book balance.

But you can allow withdrawal of money from your available balance in your book balance. This means the money you can withdraw from your book balance is an allocated balance that is available.

According to this viewpoint, the book balance is seen as the preliminary stage for reconciling the account records in the custody of the bank and the records kept up by the holder of the account.

Since the book balance is the gross balance of assets in the record before any checks are gone through or stores posted, the figure could conceivably reflect how much cash the account holder has. Oftentimes referred to as a net balance, this figure addresses what is left once forthcoming debits have cleared.

As a result, knowing this limits the risk of overdrawing the account and will reduce penalties and a returned check.

The book balance contains the transactions made by the company during the reporting period. Book balance is usually used to manage cash in a Company’s checking account. At the end of the reporting period, the account balances are reconciled with the bank statements to determine whether the cash in the bank accounts matches the book balance.

Book balances include transactions that have not been completed or deleted from a bank account. The balance sheet reflects the funds a company has minus any undrawn checks, transit deposits, or other pending account deductions.

How is book balance calculated?

The system automatically calculates the book balance amount in the bank reconciliation statement. The calculation takes the amount in the Current Balance field in bank code support and subtracts or adds any documents dated after the end date to the bank reconciliation statement. The adjusted bank balance amount is calculated by taking the amount entered in the statement ending balance column of the bank statement, adding all deposits in transit, subtracting or adding all adjustments, and subtracting all outstanding checks.

Likewise, if the difference between the calculated balance amount and the adjusted bank balance amount is zero, compare the calculated balance amount to your general ledger for the end date of the current period. If these two numbers don’t match, make the transaction in Checks, Deposits, and Adjustments, Enter Bank Reconciliation Checks, or Deposits and Adjustments for bank reconciliation. Select the Post to Ledger checkbox, then select and print and update the bank reconciliation transaction records.

You cannot withdraw the money from your book balance. However, you can withdraw money from the available balance in your account balance. The money you withdraw from your book balance is the available distributed balance.