Lower Cost

Advantages of Cloud Database Over Local Database? Cloud database hosting costs can be much lower than expanding the capabilities of an existing on-premises server. Reducing maintenance costs in a typical DBaaS deployment can also significantly reduce management costs. Since most cloud services are pay-in-service, your costs only increase when you expand or require additional services.

Flexible Solutions

Moving your database solution to the cloud can free your business from the demands and costs of managing your own services. Cloud databases in particular are very efficient as they have no built-in limitations in terms of their extensibility. Advantages of Cloud Database Over Local Database? And as cloud service providers grow their services, your business can immediately benefit from these improvements that make your database easier to scale and manage.

Mobile Access

As the organization, company or business expands its mobile team, the ability to access the cloud platform and leverage it from multiple remote devices can be a huge benefit. Applications can be built with geographically distributed teams without loss of efficiency or security.

Disaster Recovery

The applications require a reliable connection to a database that supports them. With built-in redundancy and 24/7 uptime as standard, cloud databases provide a reliable platform for application development. Today’s robust cloud infrastructure is managed by database experts to ensure disaster recovery is measured in minutes or hours as opposed to days as is the case with on-premises servers.

Safe and Secure

In past times before cloud databases, moving sensitive data to a cloud platform outside your organization’s firewall could be risky. Today, however, the cloud offers general security, often more stable than on-premises servers. Adopting a DBaaS infrastructure provides best-in-class security that you can rely on.

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