Are you a teen in Zambia who is not doing anything that brings in money to help you get by as you wait to go to college? Without higher education, it is a daunting task to get a decent job in Zambia. Most employers require people with prior experience, however, there are jobs teenagers can do to make money in Zambia.

Here’s 10 Jobs Zambian Teenagers Can Do


Usually babysitting is work and among Jobs Zambian teenagers can do for young people. Of late, babysitting has become common as some parents have become skeptical about hiring maids for a world of reasons. Some wives fear the maids might in the long run start interesting their husbands.

There are some reports of maids mistreating children or teaching children bad manners. Some parents prefer babysitters to maids as the former only get to look after the children for a specific time. Thus, Jobs Zambian teenagers can do babysitting is an ideal job for teenagers to make instant money. One does not necessarily have to wait for month-end to get paid.

2.Washing Cars

With this kind of job, one does not necessarily need much capital. Hence, it is ideal for teenagers who have completed high school and are yet to enroll in college or university. All you need is to buy chemicals for cleaning cars. This is one of the easiest ways to make money. It is easier to find clients as you can start with neighbors. There are lots of friends and family cars you can ask to wash. You can make much from the job because just washing one car, on average is K30.

3.Teaching Adults About Electronics

Sadly, there are many older Zambian citizens who find it a daunting task to operate electronic gadgets properly. Fortunately, where there is a problem, that is money. As a teen, you can turn this problem into a money-making venture and start teaching senior citizens! You can teach them how to operate smart gadgets. Share with them how to create accounts for them on platforms like Facebook, Zoom, Skype, and Whatsapp. You can also show them how to access Zoom and other online meetings. Other things to teach may include Microsoft Office applications. There are so many possibilities

4.House Painting jobs in Zambia

Painting work for teens is a good job. To complete any work, you will probably have to go on the ladder. This is potentially your best choice with a friend or sibling.

Start with painting jobs in the interior. Family, friends, or neighbors in their house may need a painted bedroom. You will need to purchase both the paint and the supplies. The actual painting is everything you have to do. Wear old clothes so you don’t get stained. Take the time and pay attention to detail. You can earn up to K1000 per house.

5.Lawn Mowing

Grass cutting is a perfect way for children to make money. Start to exercise your skills in your parents’ house. Perhaps you might even think about paying your parents. Ask the neighbors, next. The mowing of a lawn will cost you between K150 and K200 per yard, depending on the area and the size of the yard. No more than an hour or two will any lawn carry you.

6.Booth Attendant

With the emergence of mobile money transactions, almost everyone prefers to send and receive money via mobile money as opposed to banks. Mobile money operators are among the majority of employers of teenagers who might not have higher education qualifications and it is an ideal job because one does not have to move to look for customers, you are stationed at a booth and customers come on their own. This particular job in question requires one who is good at mathematics as he/she will be handling money and one has to be vigilant too. The salary for this job is usually on commission which is mostly 30% of what you make in a month.

7.Call Centre Representative

This particular job is ideal for teenagers who have completed their secondary school as it requires an individual who has a Grade 12 certificate. The main duties are: handling customers’ calls in a courteous and professional manner, probing customers’ queries and assisting them with solutions using different systems on the computer, escalating customers’ queries to supervisors for the speedy resolution of the same. You need to have self-control for this kind of job.

It pays relatively well considering the qualification – K1500 to K2000 and they employ every now and then, for example, iSON Xperiences Zambia which both Airtel Zambia and MTN Zambia have outsourced their customer care services to, employs every month and they usually get huge numbers during interviews.

8.Social Media Personality

With social media being the order of the day, some people, young and old, are turning it into an income-generating venture. Teenagers can take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram by creating pages and creating content and posting on them and making a living out of it depending on the views the content they create generates.

They can also utilize YouTube which equally pays a substantial amount of money once a content reaches a certain number of views. An individual has to be creative and the content has to be interesting for it to generate ample views which would enable one to get paid by Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube as there are a number of other people such as Dr. Bishop Rev. Jobs Zambian teenagers can do includes Nkongolo who are already waves and such, your content has to be different but interesting.

9.Article Writing

Assuming you’re an extraordinary substance essayist with a voice on any topic you can find online platforms that pay for visitor articles. Check out to find numerous individuals and available clients searching for post scholars and bloggers. The amount a writer gets is dependent on how many articles one submits and the number of words therein as well as the company conditions. Even pays online publishers from anywhere in the world, Zambia included, for content? It is very easy if you’re just skilled in any topic and age is not a limiting factor, as long as you are above 18-years-old.


Dancing is another way a teen can make money in Zambia. Every now and then, there is a musician who looks for talented dancers to feature in a music video. These musicians usually pay not less than K500. Dancers can also participate in a dancing competition and be able to win amazing prizes.

Further, dancers also come in handy during wedding receptions. There are couples who prefer to hire dancing groups as opposed to having a bridal party for themselves. Thus, a teen can join a dancing group and start earning cash for his or her talent.

In conclusion, there is a lot of youth that have completed secondary school and they are not doing anything that brings in cash for them. They can utilize the discussed ways to generate income as they wait for college or whatever their next step in life is. Some can even make a life living with these same jobs.


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