Most tourists to China need a Chinese visa which allows an individual to travel freely throughout most of China as a tourist if you do not qualify for China visa restrictions. Passports, visa applications, travel documents, or invitations from China must contain supporting documents. What documents are required for China tourist visa? you will need a passport, application form and other supporting documents which this article shares, called tourist visa requirements for China.

Generally, tourists can obtain a one-time L visa for up to 30 days. Citizens of the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Argentina are issued a 10-year China visit visa with multiple entries.

If you are traveling with a tourist group, you will not have a visa in your passport. Instead, a tour group will be issued a group visa with each member listed. In such a situation, you no longer have to worry if you give your details to the travel agent in advance.

If you are traveling alone y0ou need to prepare tourist visa requirements for China, you will also have to take care of the visa formalities yourself. The process is not complicated if you follow the instructions below.

China Travel Visa Requirements and Documents


Passport valid for at least 6 months and blank pages and copies of passport pages.

2. Application

A Chinese visa application has been processed. If not applicable, please use “N/A” to complete all lines of the application. Failure to complete the application correctly, completely and legally will result in delays in processing or rejection of the application.

3. Recent photos

A recent passport photo with a white background on request.

Travel tickets in addition to hotel reservation or China invitation card

Travel information including proof of travel ticket and proof of hotel accommodation.

Alternatively, if you are invited to China, you can send an invitation from the guest, whether a business or an individual, with all the information needed. Application information includes full name, gender, and date of birth.

Tour information, including arrival and departure dates and tour location. Guest information, including name, contact details, address, legal certificate and signature of the legal representative of the legal entity or guest.

4. Other supporting documents

If you are not applying by country of citizenship, you will need proof of residency or legal

status. In some cases, the applicant may be required to provide proof of the applicant’s employer, which includes details such as the name and contact details of the employer, the applicant for a receipt or the applicant for the first bank account for the last 6 months. Seeds. Applicants wishing to travel to Tibet must obtain a Tibet Travel Permit, which can be obtained from the Tibet Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau.

How to get a Chinese tourist visa

Once you have all the necessary information, you can submit your application by visiting the Chinese Embassy, ​​Consulate, Chinese Embassy or China Visa Application Center (CVASC) in person. If you can’t get there in person, you can refer someone else, such as a travel agent or visa office, to work for you. No appointment is required. Postal applications are not accepted and are often rejected by Chinese embassies or consulates. In countries with CVASC, applicants can apply by mail or submit an application by registering online through the CVASC website.

Duration for processing a tourist passport

It usually takes 4 working days to process a Chinese passport. For extended service, an additional $20 charge applies for 2 or 3 business days. For express service, an additional charge of $30 applies for same-day service. Visa fees to travel to China

Visa fees depend on your nationality and entry number. However, according to the visa application fee, citizens of many countries including Pakistan, Maldives, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia and Micronesia can obtain a visa for free but will not be charged for the visa. service, emergency services or courier. For large countries, the rates are as follows:

China Travel Visa TypesUS CitizensCanadian CitizensUK CitizensAustralian Citizens
Single EntryUSD 140CAD 142GBP 151AUD 109.5
Double EntriesUSD 140CAD 142GBP 151AUD 139.5
Multi Entries for 6 MonthsUSD 140CAD 142GBP 151AUD 169.5
Multi Entries for 12 Months or LongerUSD 140CAD 142GBP 151AUD 229.5