Accounting is defined as “the art of recording, classifying, and summarising in a significant manner and in terms of money, transactions and events which are, in part at least, of financial character, and interpreting the results thereof.” (AICPA). This article shares 10 Highest-paid Accounting Jobs In The Philippines.

Ten of the highest-paid accounting jobs in the Philippines

10 highest-paid accounting jobs in the philippines includes the leading jobs you can work f ou studied accounts or any other related financial course. The highest paying job today in the accounting field is Auditors.


An auditor is a certified public accountant responsible for caring out inspection and/or investigation (if need be) of an organization’s financial records in a bid to consolidate accuracy and ensure reliability or lack of it. An auditor’s role is dependent on what he or she has been employed as, meaning an auditor can be employed as an internal auditor, external auditor, or a government auditor who works for government departments such as the Zambia Revenue Authority, the IRS in the United States of America or the Bureau of internal revenue in the Philippines, therefore is safe to say the duties of an auditor vary depending on the title held.

Monthly average salary: P17,170

2.Managerial/Management Accountant

A managerial accountant is an individual whose responsibilities among many, are conducting analysis on the company’s profits and expenses. Further, a managerial accountant is involved in planning and preparing financial reports for the employees of the company he or she works for. A managerial accountant’s primary objective is to support leaders in making well-informed financial decisions.

Monthly average salary: P25, 320

3.Financial Planner

A financial planner’s role is not very distinct from that of a financial controller whose responsibility

has been discussed in this article. However, the key responsibility for a financial planner is assisting business entities to formulate financial plans in their quest to fulfill their short and long-term objectives. They equally train future retirees on how to save and think of what to do business-wise once they finally retire.

Monthly average salary: P26, 690


This is a trained and qualified individual who is responsible for all accounts-related undertakings. An account is in charge of readying accounts, making budgets, managing accounts and financial data. He or she may also act as a financial consultant and advisor to individuals, business entities seeking solutions to their respective financial hurdles.

An accountant’s primary responsibilities are preparing and examining financial records and competently making sure that information is updated and there is accuracy for the sake of efficiency and effectiveness whenever the same has to be used.

Monthly average salary: P30,500

5.Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is responsible for assessing the wellbeing of an organization’s financial status and playing a pivotal role in aiding investment decisions by providing vital information to key decision-makers of the company they work for. The duties of a financial analyst, just like for an auditor (as already discussed in this article) vary from one company to another as it is impossible to have two companies doing the very same things at the same time.

Monthly average salary: P33,340

6.Senior Financial Analyst

This individual’s role is pretty much the same as the role of a regular or junior financial analyst. The only difference lies in the experience one ought to have in order to fill this position and probably, the level of involvement in the duties.

Monthly salary P39,380

7.Business Analyst

A business analyst is an accountant entrusted with records relating to the company’s gains and losses and as such, an analyst is an individual whose company’s future prospects lie on his or her shoulder as they are the people tasked with foretelling the future based on the current circumstances. They make an analysis on what is likely to happen and when. Therefore, they plan ahead on how to maximize profits and reduce losses.

Monthly salary: P42, 820 (

8.Financial controller

The financial controller is an accounting personnel in charge of overseeing the company’s accounts department. He or she acts as an oversight whose major responsibility is executing high-profile financial strategies. The other responsibilities for this individual include: maintaining the company’s yearly financial accounts, readying budgets, making sure there is compliance with set tax regulations, to mention only a few. It goes without that accountant with an eye for becoming a financial controller to have experience in tax management and corporate forecasting.

Monthly salary: P47, 700 (

9.Forensic Accountant

This is one of the most exciting careers in law enforcement is forensic accounting. Court investigators investigate fraud and use accounting skills such as auditing to provide expert advice in court. Jurors, judges and lawyers carefully review forensic accountants’ reports, and as a result, they ought to be excellent at they do so as not to mislead the people reviewing their reports.

Monthly average salary: P56, 760 (SalaryExpert)

10.Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The duties and responsibilities of a chief financial officer cannot outrightly be stated as they are

what can be referred to as company-specific meaning, A CFO for Coca-Cola company will perform distinct duties from a CFO from Samsung. However, there are certain areas where every chief financial officer needs to excel and these among others are: financial management, business strategies, market performance and how to respond to the same. With the aforementioned areas in which chief financial officers need to be excellent, it is imperative that a Masters of Science in Administration.

Monthly salary: P66,560