Are you intending to travel to South Africa and would wish to know how much it costs to get a visa for that country? Knowing the amount of cash an applicant needs to have in their account as a bank balance is what this piece of writing has set out to do. It will start by defining what a visa is, then listing and describing some of the types of visas that are there before eventually arriving at the amount an individual must have in his or her account for a bank balance. Is a bank balance required for a visa in South Africa? Yes in today’s banking sector the bank balance is a requirement for a South African visa.

A visa is an official document that acts as a license to admit a foreign national into another country. A visa is either stamped or glued inside a page of the holder’s passport. There are many visas and they give different rights depending on the type of visa applied for at a particular time.

List of different types of visas:

Is bank balance required for visa? Yes for any country around the world proof of your financial stability is vital. Your bank statement is a very important requirement when processing visa applications for any visa. Whether you’re applying for a tourist, business, or student visa, you have to provide a bank statement or records.

Tourist Visa

This is a type of visa that allows a foreign national, usually, individuals from overseas enter a foreign national and is given a short time frame through which they have to enjoy themselves during the specified time. This type of visa is given for leisure purposes only and as a result, the holder cannot engage in anything else other than what is stipulated lest he or she risks prosecution or deportation.

Business Visa

This is self-explanatory. It is a visa issued to businessmen and women to enter a foreign nation for business transactions. However, the holder of the visa cannot join the labor force of the country that has issued them the visa.

Work Visa

A work visa is one that is issued to foreign citizens who have landed jobs in a foreign country and have to travel to that country for work in the host country. A company can also issue a visa to an individual traveling to the host country for business purposes.

Student Visa

A visa is given to students pursuing higher education in the host country. The students have to apply for a resident visa as they would spend years in the country that will host them to study for their educational programs.

Asylum Visa

This is a type of visa issued to individuals who are running away from wars, persecutions, tsunamis and anything that may put them in harm’s way and are seeking asylum in another. For example, Ukrainians fleeing Ukraine in the aftermath of that country’s invasion by Russia, are seeking asylum in countries such as Poland. Also, the 1994 Rwandan genocide forced the majority of people to flee Rwanda. Here, they sought asylum in African and European countries.

Spousal Visa

This visa allows married couples to visit each other when one of them is from the host country.

Now in regards to how bank balance an applicant for a South African visa ought to have. The answer, according to the South African High Commission is a minimum of ZAR 3,000 per person. The reason why authorities require an applicant to have this amount is to ensure that he or she is capable of sponsoring and all the expenses it comes with it.

To conclude, it has been defined in this article that a visa is an official document that allows individuals from foreign countries entry into the host nation upon issuance of it and that a visa is stamped on the page of the holder’s passport.

Further, it has been observed that there are several types of visas and each and every last one of them accords the holder of different rights depending on the type of visa he or she would have applied for at a particular time. Most importantly, the answer to the question of how much bank balance is required for a South Africa visa has been provided, which is ZAR 3, 000 per person.