A high school teacher, more commonly referred to as a secondary school teacher, teaches students from grade eight through grade 12 in both public and private educational institutions. The main aim of these teachers is to educate pupils and prepare them for post-secondary school life. This could involve college or the job market. So, how much do Secondary teachers get paid in Zambia? Here’s how much a Secondary School Teacher gets paid in Zambia shared in this article below.

Unlike primary school teachers who teach all the subjects that are in a particular class, secondary school teachers specialize in one or two subjects. There are a few who may specialize in more than two.

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With the luxury of specialization, secondary school teachers usually have an in-depth understanding of the few subjects that they specialized in. This gives them the impetus to deliver the lessons in a particular subject effectively.

How Much do Secondary Teachers Earn in Zambia?

While the job of a high school teacher is not particularly as stressful as that of a primary school teacher, it can be tiring and difficult. Secondary school teachers equally have to work long hours every day. Further, most of the time they stand as most Zambian schools use blackboards. They also talk a lot, need to show energy and enthusiasm, and deal with some disciplinary cases.

Nevertheless, they get rewarded for what they do as the pupils who pass through their hands go on and make contributions to the development of the country. So, in a way, they help pupils make decisions about their lives and futures.

Almost every day, teachers have not less than four classes that they have to teach. English, mathematics, science, and history are often common in most Zambian schools as almost everyone takes especially in public schools. Some teachers specialize in foreign languages, computer science, music, and the arts, which many students consider optional.

Secondary school teachers teach academic subjects such as English and mathematics or skills such as mechanical drawing and woodworking. They start with the basics and add complexity to stimulate the imagination and intelligence of students. They prepare them for further education and subsequently get employment as adults.

Teachers also help in organizing extracurricular activities such as sports and social groups. They work as a team that includes school administrators, school counselors, and school psychologists. Their work transcends beyond the classroom to include parents, communities they live in, and government departments.


For any teacher to work in Zambia, he or she needs to be certified by the Teaching Council of Zambia. This will happen after completing their studies at institutions of higher learning. They need to provide copies of their Grade 12 certificates certified by the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ), certified college or university diploma or degree, passport size photo along with any other personal detail that they may require from the prospective teachers as well as those that are already deployed by government and working (in-service teachers).

How much does a Secondary School Teacher gets paid in Zambia?


How much do Secondary teachers get paid in Zambia? [Answer] A secondary school teacher in Zambia employed by the Government of the Republic of Zambia earns K6,370 to K7,000 on average as a monthly salary. This is how much a Secondary School Teacher gets paid in Zambia.