In general, the teacher’s function is to help students learn by equipping them with knowledge and creating situations in which students can and will learn effectively. The teachers play a complex set of roles that vary from society to society and from one level of education to another. How much does a diploma teacher earn in Zambia? Well in this article we share with you Diploma Teachers Salary in Zambia.

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Teachers are perhaps the most important members of our society. They give children purpose by preparing them for success as citizens of our world. Teachers also give students inspiration and the keys to succeed in life, whichever path they choose to take after completion. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, and teachers are the key ingredient that prepares children for their future.

Children will use lessons learned from school throughout their lives. They eventually utilize the knowledge they acquired after spending many years in school to have an impact on society.

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Apart from teaching, one of the main roles a teacher must play is that of a resource specialist. There will be many people who come to Master for information. Even if the person is simply looking for a source of information, it is the teacher who needs to know how to find what students are looking for.

Pupils oftentimes need help learning a new skill or piece of information and teachers ought to act as a support system when pupils are in dire need of this help. Tutors, leaders, and even advisors all collaborate to help the student.

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One of the greatest duties of a teacher is that of a mentor to pupils. Pupils look to the teacher and some of the reasons why some pupils in Zambia aspire to be teachers later on in their lives is as a result of good conduct exhibited by their teachers. Thus, teachers influence the behavioral pattern of most of the pupils with whom they interact. Further, an older teacher can even mentor a younger teacher or novice who is just starting out in the profession.

A teacher’s job does not end after he or she has delivered the lesson to the learners. They ensure that those slow learners are aided so that they are on par with the rest who do not struggle to grasp things. This is done through extra lessons which have to be done without charging a fee. The Zambian government banned the issue of tuition in public schools.

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Lastly, another role that the teacher needs to play is that of the student. A teacher ought to know that there is always something new to learn with regard to how he or she should approach teaching. A learner is someone who is always evolving in his or her life. They will never reach a point where they will claim to know everything. Thus, teachers are encouraged to take part in seminars, conferences, and workshops that help them grow into better people.

How much does a diploma teacher earn in Zambia?

Salary scale for diploma teachers

According to Ministry of education the average salary for diploma teachers in Zambia, those employed by the government of Zambia is from K3,500 per month minimum to K7,200 maximum. For those working in the private sector, their salaries vary depending on the school and the capacity of the owner. Some diploma teachers earn less than those in government schools, while others earn much more.