Who is the richest female artist in Zambia? According to trusted online sources without a doubt, the richest female musician in Zambia is Mampi. Born in Zambia Lusaka in 1986, she started singing at the tender age of six as shared in this article. She did attend her primary education at Muyooma Basic School and her secondary education at Libala Secondary School in Libala. Miriam became an orphan when she was still a teenager when her parents died. A friend’s sister adopted and raised her.

Who Is The Richest Female Artist In Zambia?

The richest female musician in Zambia is Mirriam Makupe, popularly known as Mampi who has a net worth of K1.5 million kwacha. She is an award-winner with consecutive music title achievements and has been in the music industry for over 20 years. Her music genre is pop and RnB singer, growing up Mapi was very inspired by kwaito and reggae music where she derived her strength to make good music. In the year 2022 Mapi released yet another thriving hit banger called “Chilailai” in the year 2022 which has been one of the most played songs in the country. Mampi’s net worth is K1.5 million Kwacha ($95,000) in wealth for the year 2022.

Mampi Biography

Her musical career started in 2003. A music producer by the name of Ray-Do of the Digital X Studios discovered her. Mampi then signed a record deal and released her first album two years later. She released her second and arguably most successful album, Chimo ni Chimo, in 2007. Since then Mampi has released several songs and albums and performed in and outside Zambia. She is a star in the Zambian music industry for over 15 years, releasing both pop and RnB songs.

Much later in life, 2012 to be precise, Mampi contested in Season 7 of Big Brother Africa. She was on the Big Brother Africa Star Game. This made her even more famous. As a result, she gained international recognition. Millions of Africans watch Big Brother and now recognize her. This makes Mampi one of the richest musicians today. She has multiple awards to her name, in fact, she has won more awards than any other Zambia female artist.

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In 2015, three years after participating in the Big Brother Africa season 7 and subsequently gaining international fame, Portuguese singer Luyana released a Portuguese version of her hit song Walilowelela. In it, Mampi still sings a few lines in Bemba and Nyanja while Luyanna sings other lines in Portuguese.

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A video accompanied the song and it was heavily inspired by African culture. Although Mampi did make an appearance in the first video with Luyanna, the two do appear in the music video for the new version of the previously released song.

Personal Life

We do not know much about Mampi’s life away from music. Rumor has it she is single and has been for a while. She is ridiculed sometimes by fans on Facebook who want to see her off the market as soon as possible.

Net Worth

Mampi has a net worth of about a K1.5 million Zambian Kwacha, Mampi is, therefore, the richest female musician in Zambia and is arguably one of the greats artists when it comes to Zambian Music. Her huge net worth is a result of her hard work and the awards she has won over the years. She also gets paid by YouTube for her music videos as well as other platforms for her audio. Her 2008 visuals for her hit single “Your love” made her huge sums of money from YouTube which did contribute to her net worth.