Zambia’s dynamic economy has changed constantly over the last few decades. There are some significant fluctuations in the structure of the workforce. This transition is primarily aimed at more capital-intensive production and services, with job creation primarily in the service sector, hence people ask how much does a degree holder get paid in Zambia?

Perhaps most importantly, the restructuring of Zambia’s economy has led to a greater demand for skilled labor. In other words, the young generation can benefit the most from this economic change. That is if they are willing to get a proper education.

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Zambia’s top-paying careers require years of education, work experience and a proven ability to take on a role and perform responsibly.

The basic requirement in most job opportunities in Zambia is a university degree. A degree is a qualification that is awarded to students upon successful completion of a higher education program, usually at a university.

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The most common type of degree in Zambia that most employers require for an individual to be considered for a job is a bachelor’s degree.

How much does a degree holder get paid in Zambia?

A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree in which students study a course of their choice at an academic institution for not less than four years at any institution of higher education in Zambia which offers degree programs. Earning a bachelor’s degree can open up job opportunities for you, expose you to new ideas, and increase your profit potential.

The worthiness of a bachelor’s degree

The benefits of obtaining a bachelor’s degree are plenty. These include higher earning potential, better job prospects, and new and enriching life experiences. If you work for a while, a bachelor’s degree can also help you launch a new career or advance in your current career. Earning a bachelor’s degree is also a stepping stone towards the attainment of a higher academic degree such as a master’s or doctorate.

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Higher Institution of Learning That Offers Degree Programs in Zambia. Unlike other countries especially in the West, only universities in Zambia do offer degree programs and not colleges.


The standard duration for studying for a degree program in Zambia is usually four years for institutions of higher learning which are free of disturbances and do not experience indefinite closures.

How Much Degree Holders Earn in Zambia?

[Answer] The salary for degree holders in Zambia varies depending on where the individual works and salary scale. The following are the different salary scales in accordance with one’s nature of work, showing how much a degree holder gets paid in Zambia.


The average salary for a degree holder nurse is K5,800


The average salary for a degree holder teacher is K6,370


The average salary for a degree holder pharmacist is K7,310

Bank Manager:

The average salary for a bank manager who holds a degree is K9,920