Standard Bank South Africa Routing Number is for quite a renowned international financial institution with operations in more than 20 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa alone. It is the biggest financial corporation in Africa, also trading as Stannic Bank. Many of you will relate with the fact that, for decades (even before most of us knew the purpose of financial institutions) it has the most common idea of a bank.

This has seen most Africans opting for Standard Bank as far as banking services is concerned. Even big organizations prefer the bank to any other. For instance, in Zimbabwe all United Nations employees receive their salaries through Standard bank.

Given their popularity, people ask for what is the sorting number for Standard Bank South Africa? the bank is no exception to the issue of online banking, International wire transfers, routing money and sort numbers and SWIFT Codes. In this article we look at Standard Bank routing and sort digit number in South Africa.

The universal Standard Bank Routing Number Branch/Sort Code in South Africa is 051001.

What Is Required To Make An International Wire Transfer?

  1. For a wire transfer to happen, the very obvious information needed by the sender is the recipient’s full names, and physical address. The same applies with transfers made to a company.
  2. After the personal/company details mentioned as item (1) the account number or IBAN and a valid bank SWIFT code are the next thing the sender will require.
  3. The bank also needs you to state the purpose of payment (BOP code) based on the exchange control requirements.

From The Recipient’s End Reception of international wire transfers requires the customer to avail these account details:

  1. Your Standard Bank account number or IBAN number
  2. In the event that a Branch/Sort code is required, the recipient should notify the sender, the universal Standard Bank Code is 051001. You need to ensure that the branch code is not provided in the same field as your account number.
  3. The ideal account type to use for receiving international wire transferes is a cheque / savings account.
  4. The SWIFT Code is the last but not leasf requirement and for Standard Bank South Africa the code is SBZAZAJJ.
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