The rise of banking technology has given birth to terms like “wire transfer” and the popular aspect of routing numbers. Even smaller financial corporations have embraced this new way of sending and receiving funds. African Bank Limited, in South Africa, is no exception to this phenomenon. The African Bank Routing Number, founded in April of 2016, has seen rapid and impressive growth over the past five years.

It can sometimes be hard to find the African Bank Routing Number online. Nevertheless, this article is here to serve you.

The African Bank Routing Number is 430000.

African Bank Limited is a South African financial institution that operates as a retail bank and has its Headquarters in Midland, South Africa. African Bank Limited. The South African Reserve Bank licensed African Bank Limited as a “locally controlled bank.” Despite the bank being a locally controlled institution, they also offer international wire transfers and as we have learned from previous articles, for these to be processed, a SWIFT code is required.

The African Bank SWIFT Code is AFRCZAJJXXX.

When you’re sending or receiving your money, ensure to always check the transaction SWIFT code for any errors to prevent complications with your recipient and branch bank.

If you’re probably thinking you’ve maybe used the wrong SWIFT code for the transactions and possibly to send money, you should quickly make sure to get in contact with your main branch or bank right away to have the problem fixed as soon as possible. They may be able to retract, make changes or cancel the transaction immediately.

Sometimes it is too late to cancel your transaction. If this is the case, then you need to contact the recipient and request they return your money immediately.

Live in a country that uses African bank IBAN? Then you can quickly find and locate your IBAN number on your online banking system and statement. Are you sending money to another recipient internationally and need an IBAN number? Then you need to ask for your recipient’s IBAN number before making a deposit into the account.