Sometimes people study for programs which they later in life, regret. Or they do enjoy what they do but in the long run, feel the need to try out something different but within their field and accountants just like many other professionals, tend to seek a new challenge and therefore, this article will look at ten alternative finance careers which accountants can look into if they seek a new challenge. Alternative careers for accountants UK and Alternative careers for accountants, not forgetting jobs for accountants who don’t want to be accountants.

Alternative Jobs For Accountants Who Don’t Want To Be Accountants

List of fobs for accountants who don’t want to be accountants and alternative careers for accountants

1. Business Analyst

Being an accountant, you are entrusted with a particular kind of company file that has to do with profits and losses. However, companies and organizations are like, need to make projections for the future so as to mitigate losses and that is where a business analyst comes in, whose jobs for accountants who don’t want to be accountants is to collect data from various sources and help the organization how best to plan ahead using the prevailing situation to maximize profits and cut down on losses.

To transition from an accountant to a business analyst, one needs to learn some programming language such as Python as well ramp up statistical skills with the same.

2. Communications Strategist/Consultant

The business world requires communications experts that can interpret complex business concepts into easily relatable easy-to-grasp form for the same of those that are in business but are unfamiliar with some business concepts.

To become a communications strategist, you ought to start by perfecting your writing skills, then, learn about how companies do set up their blogging programs. From there, start creating your own blog from which communication will do and help with jobs for accountants who don’t want to be accountants.

3. Entrepreneur

As an accountant, you get to meet numerous people from all walks of life and some among them are businessmen and women. From your interaction with them, you will start noticing gaps for products and services that should be on the market and aren’t and those gaps should be your next job.

With the economic knowledge that accountants have, there is a higher chance that they will succeed as entrepreneurs as they are familiar with the market technicalities and know exactly where to touch when things are not going their way.

4. Payroll Administrator

Being a payroll administrator is another alternative career for an accountant since you are already good with many and are attentive to detail, you would ensure that all employees at the company are paid and, properly. Calculating payroll and workers salary is among the best jobs for accountants who don’t want to be accountants.

This position requires one with good record-keeping skills and you will be responsible for maintaining records for new members, pay changes and terminations and not forgetting filing tax reports, documenting and others duties as assigned.

There is a need for accountants wanting to transition to payroll administrator positions to talk online or short payroll courses that come in handy when preparing transactions and documents.

5. Budget analyst

Being an accountant entails one endowed with plenty of skills that could be applied to the position of a budget analyst. A budget analyst is one that prepares customized reports and sees to it the company an overall view of its expenditure, is well aware of opportunities for savings and projections of future costs anything to do with budgeting. A budget analyst needs to be great with numbers and one who is able to forecast the future using the current economic situation.

6. Bookkeeper

Another alternative career for accountants is bookkeeping. This role involves the day-to-day recording of sales, receipts and numerous other financial transactions.

This position in particular is different from an accounting role as it is more task-oriented than the latter but one can still choose the number of clients to take on.

7. Mathematics Teacher

Teaching math is another alternative career for an accountant as they are already equipped with numerical skills and as such, they wouldn’t find it a daunting task to teach students in schools or colleges. All an accountant needs to do to transition to teaching, is take a teaching methodology course.

They can also utilize digital platforms and start online tutoring and be able to make a living out of teaching in an event where there is no employment for accountants or that they just want to try a new challenge away from accounting.

8. Reconciliation Specialist

The main responsibilities of a specialist are to balance accounting books, or ledgers if you may, with bank balances and ensure financial policies and procedures within the company are effective and followed. A reconciliation specialist oversees the cash flow for a business and handles all financial activities such as cash, debit, credit, loan repayments.

9. Financial planner

This is a professional whose job is to aid the public and companies to come up with tailor-made financial plans to achieve their short and long-term goals. They make recommendations regarding investments, they also educate about savings to would-be retirees, prepare budgets, create cost-saving opportunities to individuals who require their services and some of the financial planners do offer tax planning and preparations among many things they do finance-wise.

10. Financial controller

This is an individual who does high-level analysis and reporting which include forecasting, consolidating budgets, analyzing redundancy, efficiency enhancement and risk management. These more often than not, work with top company management to execute financial plans in a bid to ensure that the company attains its goal through jobs for accountants who don’t want to be accountants.