Simply put, public health is the science of protecting and improving the health of humans and their communities. The public health salary in Zambia per month is important to know. This is important work and carried out through the promotion of healthy lifestyles. It also involves research on disease and injury prevention, and detection, prevention, and response to diseases that are infectious.

Public Health Salary In Zambia Per Month

In general, public health is about protecting the health of the entire population. This population can be as small as a local neighborhood or as large as an entire country or region.

Importance of Public Health

From research to health education, people in public health work to make sure people can be healthy. This can mean advocating for the vaccination of children and adults in a bid to curb the spread of disease or sensitize the mass about the dangers of alcohol consumption and tobacco. Public health establishes safety standards to protect workers and develops school feeding programs to ensure children have access to healthy food.

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Public health exists and works to track disease outbreaks, and injury prevention, and explain why some of us are more likely to suffer from poor health than others. Many aspects of public health include advocating for laws that encourage smoking in smoke-free spaces and seat belts, disseminating information on how to stay healthy, and providing science-based solutions to problems.

Public health professionals seek to prevent problems from reoccurring or reoccurring by implementing educational programs, recommending policies, providing services, and conducting research – unlike physicians, such as doctors and nurses, who primarily focus on caring for people after they are diagnosed with illness or injury. Public health also works to reduce health disparities. Most public health promotes equity, quality, and accessibility of health.

The Demand for Public Health in Zambia

In a nation like Zambia that is determined to address public health concerns, the demand for public health workers is high. Despite some public health improvements, the country is still struggling with problems such as infectious diseases, infant mortality, and maternal problems. Recently, however, Zambia has increased its investment in the public health sector.


Like many other degree programs in Zambia, the public health training period is four years with entry requirements being a full Grade 12 certificate. It requires a general education certificate (GCE) which must include biology, mathematics, and the English language. There is usually an exemption for those that might have already studied some health programs before.

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A public health degree provides students with a solid foundation in public health and health system issues, including environmental health, disease prevention, health informatics, global health, ethics, and behavioral and cultural issues.

Public Health Salary in Zambia

What is the salary of a public health nurse in Zambia and the money earned per month and what is the salary of a public health officer?

[Answer] The average salary per month for public health practitioners holding top positions in the field is K14, 250. However, there are different salary scales depending on one’s qualifications. The following are some of the salaries as per position:

  1. Public Health Scientist – K9,500

2. Public Health Specialist – K4,170

3. Public Health Officer – K7,250