With the rapid changes taking place in the banking and financial world, surelyit has been years since most of you have set eyes on, received or written a cheque. Unless circumstances came up that the only way you can receive certain funds is through a cheque you may have been safe from the hustle of having to visit the bank to deposit to your account. Hence most people search for ways on how to pay in a cheque without going to the bank.

Well if this has skipped you for the past couple of years, it may never be a worry again because this writer bears good news as far as paying in cheques and going to the bank is concerned. Late 2017 saw some banks introducing cheque imaging software that scan cheques using mobile applications.

Despite the scarcity of cheques nowadays, the feature is handy, not only for the busy ones who barely have time to go to the bank, but also anyone who’s time needs saving and this is practically every human being. A ‘Deposit Cheque’ feature was added to the Mobile Banking app to help you with how to pay in a cheque without going to the bank, which happens to be user friendly, secure and time effective.

Here are the steps you go through while depositing your cheque.

You scan/take a photo of the cheque whose details will be read by the respective mobile application your bank uses.After this you click the proceeding prompt your cheque has been deposited. The convenience in this is you can deposit from anywhere and usually by the morning of the next working day the money will be available. Two emails will be sent to you after you initiate a deposit, one confirming the reception of your deposit and another when it has been accepted it for processing for how to pay in a cheque without going to the bank.

Some banks have a feature within the mobile banking application which gives you a list of banks that are eligible and those that are not. A blogger shared their experience with depositing a cheque on the phone and here are the guidelines to checking the banks that work;

You first take a photo of the front of the picture using the app. And once that’s gone through, you take a picture of the back – even if it’s completely blank!. The phone must be completely flat above the cheque, which must also be flat. You need to get the corners lined up to markers on the phone screen.

And even if you nail this, it might not be enough. When I first tried it with Halifax it took about seven attempts to get the front to scan. But once I worked out it needed to be on a dark background it took just seconds to snap each side and hit submit. Far quicker than heading out to the bank and queuing up.

The money should reflect You in your account by the morning of the the next working day, or day end latest on how to pay in a cheque without going to the bank. The condition is that you pay it in before a cut-off time which is entirely dependent on the banks’ set times. Do not make the mistake of disposing a cheque until it clears, lest it is rejected.

The use of cheques continues to dwindle such that we could see the extinction of the service. Electronjc banking has become the order of the day, with people tending to find so much comfort in it. Maybe the reason is the fact that mobile phones are now a portable means by which you can literally organise your life and finances. However, some people choose to be conventional about the whome thing and continue the use of paper slips for transactions. If these ever come your way, the best thing you can ever do is be prepared.

My dear entrepreneurs do not slumber! Take advantage of this online cash deposit sysyem and add cheques to your list of forms of payment accepted by your business. People will gravitate towards businesses that solve problems and in this case you deal with two problems at one go. The first being that of customers having to look for means to convert funds to a mode you.

Again, while you were sitting there in awe of a new innovation in the form of the new facility of depositing money and cheques at the ATM, another dynamite came which you can inplement in the comfort of your covers. In the old day, we knew the ATM machine is for quick withdrawals of money. The name “Cash Machine” suggested you go there to collect cash and leave but came the balance inquiry facility.

There is a new kid on the block, as far as innovation in banking technology is concerned. This is known as “Banking at the “Cash Machine” where these ATMs are ceasing to be mere machines where you collect cash or check balance, but you can now initiate cash deposits too.