While you are sitting there in awe of a new innovation in the hands of technology, plenty more are being implemented. In the old day, we knew the ATM machine is for quick withdrawals of money. The name “Cash Machine” suggested you go there to collect cash and leave but came the balance inquiry facility. Hence in this article, we explain if you can deposit money at ATM and ways how to deposit through ATM.

There is a new kid on the block, as far as innovation in banking technology is concerned. This is known as “Banking at the Cash Machine” where these ATMs are ceasing to be mere machines where you collect cash or check balance, but you can now initiate cash deposits too.

Can you deposit money at ATM?

The answer to if you can deposit money at ATM today is definitely a “Yes!” The United Kingdom is a big sister in the tech world, I decided to look into how much of a success this innovation has been in their banking sector.

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One bank has over 1,600 cash machines in the UK, and these are up to date on this new technology we speak of. Over and above showing your balance and withdrawal of money, these accept withdrawals too. As if one innovation is not enough to talk about, I cant ignore the smart service where banks have a new technology where youcan find your nearest cash machine by using a branch locator.

Other functions you can perform apart from depositing money at ATM

New ATM machines have touch screens which you can use for the following; Withdraw cash- this is the conventional service that everyone has been accustomed to and every time the term ATM comes up, cash withdrawals are the first thought that comes to mind. Deposit cash- As I mentioned earlier, you can now deposit cash at an ATM machine, doing away with the hustle of standing in long queues. Up to 50 notes at a time, can be deposited on an ATM machine.
Deposit cheques- It is a full banking service given you do not only now have an easier way of depositing cash, but also cheques. It gets even better as you can even deposit up to 30 cheques at a time. You can also Unblock or change your PIN- in the event of card losses and recoveries, ATM machines now offer a service where you can quickly change your pin when the need comes for those asking can you deposit money at ATM. People usually opt for mobile and online options for this though.
Check and print balances and mini statements- Yes you can find your way around these banking activities at the machine.
Transfer money between accounts- These machines also allow you to transfer money from one of your accounts to the other in the same bank.
Pay bills- You can set people and entities as payees in order for you to settle bills to them at the machine.
Get an email receipt- At these machines, you can choose to have a receipt sent to you by email.

These services are made available obviously to customers who are accounts and cardholders of the banks that have these kinds of machines. Santander UK is one such bank with this facility. The bank, however, opened up withdrawals of cash, requests for on-screen balances, and printing of receipts to Non-Santander customers.
All our cash machines have contactless so you can just tap your card and enter your PIN.

Some of these cash machines are smart and also are equipped with voice guidance to cater to visually impaired patrons. Just plug in headphones and an audible guide will take you through your transaction. For security, there will be an option to turn off the screen while going through your transaction.

Despite the convenience that comes with almost having a full banking service at an ATM machine, risks are also involved and you need to exercise due diligence. You will need to stay cautious and keep safe. Being aware of your surroundings and hiding your PIN when you use these machines will also save your money.

Issues around almost an entire banking system being accessible at a machine should be a wake-up call as much as it is a call for joy. It serves as a reminder that many jobs are at risk at the hands of technology making it easy and one can now deposit money at an ATM. There is a great need to maintain and prove your relevance beyond effortless capabilities.

Soon, if this has not already started, companies will start sending people home, replacing them with machines for their jobs. Remember, machines have the ability to work longer hours at a rate many times faster than a human being.