10 Best Student Cities ranking, saw the United Kingdom with 10 entrants making it the second-best student country after the United States of America ranked 13. Aberdeen and Brighton became new entries on that article list for best places to study for international students and together with the rest of the UK cities.

When student cities are being ranked, desirability, affordability and student view are the major phenomena of particular interest. Despite all 10 UK Cities being ranked among the top 50, affordability is far from being one of the indicators that gave them points.
Here are the 10 best places for students in the UK. The exciting news is that each city has its own unique experiences for international students.

Best places to study for international students

1. London

London is not only the best student city in the world but also the best in the world. The Capital rose to this position in 2018 for the first time, having moved two places up. London has more than 17 ranked institutions in the QS World University Rankings every year, two of which rank in the “global top 10.

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You will remember the city is also outstanding in terms of job opportunities for students and graduates. One response from a student during a survey submitted, there is a diversity of things to do and try such that new experiences can come every week. There is no limit to the kinds of people you meet. They also pointed out, that the city is expensive but by virtue of there being a myriad of activities to partake in, there are a few cheap and even free things to do.

2. Edinburgh

Edinburgh, which is the capital of Scotland, has made it to the top 20 Best Student Cities ranking for over three years now. The city’s historical and cultural attractions have made it popular. There are also events such as the “Edinburgh Fringe Festival.” Edinburgh’s population doubles during this annual event held in August.

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Of the 10 UK cities on this list, Edinburgh has the highest score on student view. Students’ ratings emphasized the city’s affordability, nightlife, employment opportunities, arts, and culture, among others.

3. Manchester

Students applauded Manchester for being a welcoming city with a sense of community among its people. Sitting in 24th position in the Best Student Cities ranking, it is one of the UK’s best scorers as far as student view is concerned. Manchester is big and has a lot for students to see and do yet the inclusivity is like that of a small town.

The city is one of the most sought-after student destinations in Europe(Over 100 000 yearly). The University of Manchester is the city’s highest-ranked university. It hosts 40,000 students. Manchester’s culture involves a lot of music. Interestingly, a number of bands formed there.

4. Glasgow

Glasgow keeps a steady trend year-in-year-out on the list of the Best Student Cities. Two of the city’s universities (the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde) are part of the top 300 of the World University Rankings.
This is Scotland’s largest city and it has a rich history and a diversity of contemporary culture. Students confirmed that the locals are such friendly people.

5. Coventry

Coventry and Glasgow are one rank apart in the Best Student Cities ranking this year. Of the habitants of Coventry, 6.8 percent are students, 40 percent of whom are foreigners. This makes Coventry a multicultural community, which makes it rich in experiences for students.
In December of 2017, Coventry has crowned UK City of Culture 2021. Venues such as the Warwick Art Centre at the University of Warwick, “the largest arts center in the UK after London’s Barbican,” among others make everything come together.

6. Nottingham

Nottingham, popularly known as the ‘Queen of the Midlands,’ is one of the cities in the UK where energy is at home. Sitting in 47th position, the city is attached to and known for its relationship with the Robin Hood legend.
Students’ ratings have seen Nottingham scoring third highest in the UK for student view. Students applauded the city for its nightlife and efficient transport system. The public transport system is so reliable that it has won awards. Fun thrives in Nottingham!

7. Birmingham

This is the second-largest city in the UK and its size matches the wonders it harbors, ranging from; excellent restaurants, history, entertainment, and shopping. Birmingham missed the overall top 50 by just one position. It has a great industrial culture and, “has more miles of canals than Venice.” Birmingham hosts the largest annual Christmas market in the UK. The Birmingham Comedy Festival is just but one of more than 50 annual events in the city.

8. Aberdeen

In 2018 Aberdeen was the highest-ranked of the eight new entries in the Best Student Cities index, comfortably at number 55. Aberdeen has miles of coastline very near to the countryside which makes it a perfect student destination for those who love nature.
Despite Aberdeen not being so cheap, it has the highest score of the UK’s entrants for affordability. Unlike larger cities, living costs for needs like rent are quite low. “Scottish students and those from the EU (excluding those from the rest of the UK) can study for free.”

9. Newcastle

Newcastle also maintains steady scores in the Best Student Cities ranking. Situated in the northeast, the city has a wider area. Some of the strongest universities in that location are found in Newcastle.
The Rough Guide singled out Newcastle as the best place to visit in the world in 2018. The city has rich art and culture.

10. Brighton

This is one of the UK’s renowned “seaside resorts.” Brighton made 92nd position as a new entrant in the Best Student Cities four years ago. Brighton ranked 92nd overall and is known for being one of the UK’s most popular seaside resorts. The weather in Brighton is warmer than in the rest of the country, making it among the best places to study for international students in the UK.