When it comes to car insurance, Third-Party Insurance is an essential coverage option for vehicle owners in Zambia. This article aims to provide comprehensive and informative insights into the pricing, coverage, and benefits of Third-Party Car Insurance offered in Zambia. We will delve into the compensation provided for various types of damages and explain the significance of this insurance policy. Learning about third party insurance prices in Zambia is essential for vehicle owners in Zambia.

Comprehensive Guide to Third-Party Car Insurance Prices in Zambia

Understanding Third-Party Car Insurance: Third-Party Car Insurance, offered by Hollard Zambia, is designed to protect policyholders against legal liability for damages caused to third parties in the event of an accident. This type of insurance covers loss or damage resulting from accidents caused by an insured vehicle, trailer, or caravan. Now, let’s explore the coverage limits and the compensation provided under this policy.

Coverage Limits and Compensation:

  1. Death or Bodily Harm (Per Person up to K30,100.00): In the unfortunate event of an accident where a third party suffers bodily harm or, tragically, loses their life, Hollard Zambia’s Third-Party Car Insurance provides compensation up to K30,100.00 per person. This coverage ensures that the policyholder is protected against legal liability for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and other related expenses incurred by the injured party or their family.
  2. Death or Bodily Harm (Per Event up to K60,100.00): Hollard Zambia’s Third-Party Car Insurance also provides coverage up to K60,100.00 per event for death or bodily harm caused to multiple individuals in a single accident. This coverage offers greater protection against potential legal liabilities arising from accidents involving multiple third parties.
  3. Damage to Property (Up to K30,000.00): In addition to bodily harm, this insurance policy covers property damage caused to third parties. Hollard Zambia compensates policyholders up to K30,000.00 for repairs or replacement of damaged property. This coverage ensures that policyholders are protected from potentially substantial financial burdens resulting from property damage claims.

Importance of Third-Party Car Insurance: Third-Party Car Insurance is crucial for vehicle owners in Zambia for several reasons:

  1. Legal Compliance: Third-Party Car Insurance is mandatory in Zambia as per the Road Traffic Act. It ensures that all drivers have coverage to compensate third parties for damages caused due to accidents.
  2. Financial Protection: This insurance provides financial security to policyholders by covering the costs of legal liabilities, including damages, legal fees, and other related expenses. It helps prevent potential financial ruin resulting from accident-related claims.
  3. Peace of Mind: By having Third-Party Car Insurance, vehicle owners can drive with confidence, knowing that they are protected against the financial implications of accidents causing bodily harm or property damage to third parties.


Third-Party Car Insurance offered by Hollard Zambia is a vital protection tool for vehicle owners in the country. This insurance coverage ensures that policyholders are safeguarded against legal liabilities arising from accidents that cause bodily harm or property damage to third parties. By adhering to legal requirements and securing this insurance, Zambian drivers can drive with peace of mind, knowing they are financially protected.

mtechzambia.com/regulation-of-insurance-companies-in-zambia/(opens in a new tab)

When considering Third-Party Car Insurance, it is essential to review the coverage limits, terms, and conditions of the policy offered by Hollard Zambia or any other reputable insurance provider. By understanding the benefits and pricing associated with this insurance, vehicle owners can make informed decisions and choose the best policy that suits their needs and budget.

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